2 Week Course

No Hidden Fees

REDUCED From £2,699

NOW £1,699 

Finance Option Available


The tattoo courses we hold at the academy is designed for individuals over the age of 18 who are looking to start their career as a tattooist. Tattoo Society London is built on an experienced team of Tattoo artists and our intense course has a 98% Pass rate with applicants from the UK and overseas.


The nature of our tattoo courses is to give students an insight into the world of tattooing allowing them the chance to have some first hand experience in order to pursue their career within the industry.

The 10 day intensive tattoo course is broken up into two weeks and runs Monday – Friday starting at 10am and finishes at 4pm.

Students will be required to study the theory side of the industry and then undergo a theory exam. You will then study the practical side of the industry performing a practical exam on the last day of your course. All successful students will then receive a diploma certificate of completion. *A few exceptional candidates will be offered a position at one of our studios to further their skills and career.


Students who enrol onto the course will have the benefit of studying in a classroom environment and also given the opportunity to perform the practical exam within a tattoo and piercing studio, overlooked by professional tattoo artists. 


REDUCED From £2,699

NOW £1,699 – No Hidden Fees!

Finance payment option available


All students looking at attending one of our tattoo course’s in London, must be over the age of 18. This is due to law and legislations as tattooing a minor is illegal, therefore the tattooist must also be of the legal required age.


Your tattoo model must also be over the age of 18. Proof of ID will be required as well as A disclaimer that will need to be filled in prior to tattooing.

Students attending must be able to speak and understand English.


It is not compulsory for you to have any experience or art qualifications, however we do require that you have basic drawing skills.

Please note*  this course does NOT teach you how to draw, only that it will help you develop your own drawing style in tattoo form.


Our tattoo course in London is spread over 2 weeks. The first week consists of drawing up designs which will be suitable for a tattoo, colouring techniques, difference in needles and what they are used for. Throughout these courses, the pupil will receive handouts on tattooing, the industry and all knowledge about the apparatus required. Throughout the duration of the course, students will be taught legislation regulations of professional tattooing.


Students will also be taught how to dismantle and reassemble tattoo machines so that they get a deeper understanding of how they run and learn various parts of the machine. This will help the pupil in the future if they need to change coils, springs, armature bars, etc. All tattooing on a human skin will be carried out in one of our licensed tattoo studios.



  • Tattoo hygiene
  • Tattoo machines
  • Needles, tubes and tips
  • Skin preparation
  • The tattoo procedure
  • Consent forms and aftercare
  • Infections, causes and spreading
  • Licensing and registration
  • Health and safety
  • Control of substances hazardous to health
  • Bio hazardous waste
  • Cross contamination
  • Decontamination
  • Sterilisation
  • Theory Exam

REDUCED From £2,699 

NOW  £1,699 – No Hidden Fees!

Finance payment option available


  • You will be awarded a certificate of completion diploma.
  • Designated student support throughout. 
  • Free advice starting up your own studio.
  • Access to our student shop where you can purchase your own machinery and equipment.
  • Finance option available
  • Student booklet and handouts which includes all the information you have been taught on your course.
  • Once you have gained the experience as a professional tattooist you can earn between £60-£120 an hour.
  • Successful candidates will be offered a position at one of our studios to further their skills and career.

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