Piercing appointments are available at Tatu Society with our piercing technicians. Whilst we do cater for walk-ins where we can, it’s always best to drop the studio a call first to book in as we can get very busy!

You must be 16+ to get a piercing, please bring ID. Please note: we do not pierce cheeks or genitals.

Ear Piercings

Lobe – £25 single/£40 pair
Helix – £30
Forward Helix – £35
Tragus – £35
Anti Tragus – £35
Snug – £35
Conch – £30
Rook – £35
Industrial – £40
Daith – £35

Dermal Anchors and Skin Divers

£40 single/£75 pair

Change Service

£5 per Jewellery change


Surface Tragus – £35
Eyebrow – £30
Nose – £35
Septum – £40
Earl/Bridge – £35
Tongue – £40
Tongue Webbing – £35
Smiley – £35
Lip (anywhere) – £35 single/£60 Pair


Nipple – £35
Nipple (pair) – £60
Navel – £35

10% Student discount on all piercings with ID

We use titanium because it is lightweight, comfortable and suitable for those with hypersensitivity issues. Our goal is for your piercing to heal as quickly and easily as possible.

For initial piercings, the most common options are Surgical Steel and Titanium. We use surgical steel for earlobe piercings. Any alloys in the steel are trapped inside the material through a special process so they cannot be released from the metal – meaning those with alloy allergies will be unaffected.

When it comes to piercings other than the earlobes we universally use titanium. Titanium is an elemental metal which doesn’t contain nickel, which makes it extremely body friendly. Titanium is lightweight, meaning it’s more comfortable and more likely to heal in a quicker time.

We know that having a new piercing is exciting and you may have already picked out some beautiful new jewellery, but we recommend 6 – 8 weeks healing time before you change from the initial piercing. It will be worth the wait.

Request your free consultation

For all our services the first step is the consultation. We will discuss all the options and book you in for an apointment to suit your schedule. Use the booking link below to get the ball rolling


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