Healing times:

3-4 months: most general piercings

4-6 weeks: mouth piercings

6-8 weeks: lip, lobes

6-9 months surface, navel, dermals

General Piercings

Clean your piercing 4 times per day using saline solution.

Using a cotton bud give a scrub to remove any built up matter or bacteria.

If making saline at home; sea salt, boiled water, sterilised container.

For oral piercings an alcohol free, antibacterial mouthwash may need to be used + no smoking!

Do not touch your piercing unless advised otherwise as some piercings loosen easier and may
need to be checked, if on ear please avoid mobile phone as carries a lot of bacteria!

Please don’t change jewellery before recommended healing time.

We put in longer bars to allow room for swelling, if you notice your piercing has no more room
to swell please pop back so we can put longer bar in as a lack of breathing room will lead to
prolonged healing process or keloids.

If you have any concerns about your healing please pop in to see us!


Using saline, Soak first couple of weeks, several times daily then go over to kitchen towel.

Avoid cotton bud for these piercings.

Dermal is usually covered with small circular plasters for first two weeks, taking off daily to
clean. These plasters discourage the dermal from early rejection by the even pressure.


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