At Tatu Society, we offer a Laser Tattoo Removal service. Our experienced Laser Technicians are able to remove or fade any old or unwanted tattoos. Fading tattoos are popular with individuals who wish to cover an old tattoo.

We use a Q Switched Nd: Yag laser machine which works extremely well with fading dark inks but also colours. In a nutshell, the laser light will break down the ink molecules making them small enough to be absorbed by the body and eliminated completely from the surface of the skin.

The process is simple and each session is relatively short. You should expect anything between 4-8 sessions for your tattoo to be removed depending on colour and size.

For more information, contact us to arrange a free consultation.
We offer a free skin patch test and consultation with all treatments

Small (6cm x 6cm) from £50

Medium (12cm x 12cm) from £80

Large (20cm x 20cm) from £140

Extra Large (26cm x 26cm) from £180

5 sessions courses:

Small- from £250

Medium- from £400

Large- from £650

Extra Large- from £850

*A skin patch test must be performed before any treatment can be given.This is to ensure the client has NO allergic reaction to the laser.

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