Our aim is to reach a new level within the tattoo industry, leaving behind pre-conceived views of ‘tattoo parlours’. We provide high end custom and freehand work, continuously creating bespoke and unique art for our clients by experienced and skilled tattoo artists. We cover a range of styles including: Black/Grey, Asian/Japanese, Geometric/Mandala, Portrait/Realism, Colour, New-School/Neo-Traditional and Script.

The studio has been designed like nothing seen or done before in the industry: a visual delight of bright clean lines with an open creative space that allows the individual a close up of the whole process from initial design to final tattoo.


At Tatu Society we offer a range of Permanent and semi permanent make up procedures…

which is carried out by our professional in house technician. We only use the highest quality ink for each procedure along with top of the range medical graded tools and equipment.


This procedure penetrates a deeper layer of skin and the effect can last up to 5 years depending on skin type and maintenance.
Touch ups required. Full blend is recommended mainly for oily skin types.

Single hair stroke – £250
Using a thin needle to make lines that imitate single hair strokes

Full Blend – £250
This process uses 2 colours (one darker/one lighter) to fill the area of eye brow it is done using micro pigment inks and rotary powered machine.

Full blend + single hair stroke- £350!
Two techniques combined together.


For lip liner and filler we recommend dental numbing as conventional numbing creams aren’t effective.

Lip Liner – £250

Full colour – £350

Touch ups – £100


Our technique for applying eyeliner is done using a rotary powered machine and
the highest quality micro pigment inks. Lower eyeliner is dotted rather than lined to
create a more natural finish.

Eyeliner – Top lines £150

Eyeliner – Bottom lines £100


The technique requires using a little blade that opens the skin into which you rub ink into and let sit for 5-10 minutes. It doesn’t penetrate the skin too deep and the effect can last anything between 12-18 months.– £200

Touch ups are required, varies depending on type of skin, maintenance, exposure to sun and other chemicals.


Small (5cm x 5cm) from £49

Medium (10cm x 10 cm) from £69

Large (15 cm x 15 cm) from £99

Extra large (over 20 cm) from £149

5 sessions courses:

Small- from £199

Medium- from £299

Large- from £449

Extra large- from £699

*A skin patch test must be performed before any treatment can be given.This is to ensure the client has NO allergic reaction to the laser.

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